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Jährliche Benefizveranstaltung der Stiftung

Support our Annual Fundraiser

The JCG Foundation Annual Fund Raiser supports our efforts to make our educational programmes as inclusive as possible. Each year we will target one particular programme or initiative, with funds focused on enabling students whose families would otherwise not be able to afford to access the teaching and resources.

For our 2023 / 2024 Fund Raiser we would like to invite you to help us support making our Creative Minds Challenge Days. 

Creative Minds Challenge Days give students from all schools on the island an intense and challenging day of creative exploration, with expert instruction to help them develop their passion or decide which theirs is.

•    Wizardry Challenge   -   Potions, spells, broomstick racing, practice all the dark arts just like Harry Potter!

•    Animation Challenge   -   Write your cartoon, film your cartoon, share your cartoon!

•    Explosive Challenge   -   Fireworks, explosions, bangs and crashes. All the fun bits of chemistry!

•    Fashion Challenge   -   You have two days to put on a fashion show with only second hand clothes!

•    Scratchathon Challenge   -   A Scratch competition to challenge your programming skills!

•    Chef Challenge   -   Bake-Off style challenge!

•    Racing Challenge   -   Build, customise and race electric cars and feel like a Formula 1 star!

•    Robot Challenge   -   First build your Lego robot, then test your Lego robot, then go head-to-head with all the other robots! 

For students in Years 4 to 6, we have an emphasis on making the programmes available to all students irrespective of their financial position. Sponsorship opportunities exist for each programme with for example:

 •    £75 supports one primary student on the programme of their choice

•    £150 allows us to purchase 5 electric racing cars or 1 racing track for a participating primary school

•    £300 allows us to purchase a Lego Robotics kit for a participating primary school

•    £750 allows us to invite 1 student from each of 10 Primary schools to programmes of their choice

•    £1500 allows us to equip 5 primary schools with electric cars and tracks and launch a termly electric car competition

•    £3000 allows us to equip 10 Primary schools with robotics kits and launch a termly robotics competition 

Thank you for considering this sponsorship opportunity and we invite you to support our efforts to make creative challenge a part of every students’ educational experience.